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Feel Good! Pass Love around and keep it in your heart! As you have the positive love in your heart it stays in your mind daily. The country will be encouraged with you in it. High-5 people you don't know; that will uplift the vibe of the country. You are a Winner, the more often you personally walk around and expect good things, regardless of how you can't show others yet!

Positive Minded Inspirational Speaker


Irritated or Health Challenged People Feel Discouraged Inadequate and Sometimes become Depressed. The Solution is to Hire Afi Bell to train and encourage your team, employees, students, and community to move beyond their feelings and discover their inner strength and derive at personal acceptance. After completing this seminar all those who heard this will become more confident, energetic, and grateful.



Remember how Easy it is to feel Good! You see my book on the right: Living Free With Epilepsy

You will gain the examples of how Socrates, Harriett Tubman, Florence Griffin Joyner, Julius Caesar, & I operated through the challenges of Epilepsy and went for our passions and gained great results!

You can focus on how you are continually in operation and are not letting things pull you down!! Stay persistent!


Workshops and Keynotes

As an Epilepsy Advocate and an award-winning speaker, I will bring new life and connection to your next event. Contact me, and we can design a workshop or presentation that fits the needs that you have today.



5 Steps for Epilepsy/ Seizure Support

We need to inform America that there are 40 types of seizures and give them the five steps to help those they see having a seizure. 

About 3.8% of Americans are challenged with Epilepsy, yet 95% of Americans are unaware of that. We need to help & accept those challenged with Epilepsy. 


Teamwork Literally Makes the Dream Work

I developed this interactive presentation with a nonprofit organization, "Breaking Out the Cocoon", helping more companies learn about the different types of seizures.  As more people are understanding the different seizures, the people challenged with Epilepsy are now getting more acceptance from people. 

 While there were plenty of interactions between different teams, the initial connections between them were never utilized efficiently. We worked to establish how to form inter- and intra-network connections that allow for better workflow and results with longer term stability.



Espanol es facil! Soy una Portavoz de Epilepsia. Puedo ayudarle su equipo. Personas irritadas o con discapacidades de salud se sienten desalentadas y a veces deprimidas. La solución es contratar a AFI Bell para entrenar y animar a su equipo, empleados, estudiantes y comunidad a moverse más allá de sus sentimientos y descubrir su fuerza interior y derivar en la aceptación personal. Después de completar este seminario todos los que escucharon esto se vuelven más seguros, enérgicos y agradecidos


Loving Items

Book: "Living Free With Epilepsy"


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A unique book written to inspire, empower, and encourage people living with seizures. In addition, this book will inspire anyone going through a tough time or trying to accomplish something big.  Here you get a historical view of amazing people, who achieved great things while facing the Epileptic challenge. From Julius Caesar to Florence Griffith Joyner, Harriet Tubman to Socrates, Afi shows you how Epilepsy doesn't have to stop you from living the life of your dreams. 



Give me a High-5/Pass Love


($2.99 shipping)

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A Smooth Loving Way to Pass Love Easily to New People Who You Meet/ Pass throughout the Day. 

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